10 Items You Didn’t Know Were Duty-Free In The Bahamas (2024)

When it comes to The Bahamas, just about everything needs to be imported. Besides the wait time, the cost of importing items can sometimes be a turnoff. Some items like Books and Food you can reasonably assume will have a low duty rate, but some others you would avoid if you had to take a guess. In this article, we highlight 10 items that are surprisingly duty-free!


Headphones used to be 45%. But in the 2022 tariff amendment, they were made duty-free! The reduction may have been due to the increase in remote school/work due to the pandemic.


Tablets are similar to computers, they have an environmental levy fee of $5. They are surprisingly duty-free because they are not limited to educational use, but gaming, entertaining, and business.


Cameras including Camcorders and Surveillance Cameras are all duty-free! Not included in the Camera duty-free list are Fake Cameras. That will be 45%.


To some, bicycles may be all about fun, to others it may be all about exercise. Since it’s duty-free, our guess is the government sees it as more exercise!

Exercise Machines

Exercise Machines probably confirm our theory about why bicycles are duty-free. Some machines can be pricey, it’s a good thing they are duty-free!

Drones (Camera)

Drones that have a camera are duty-free. This is probably because they are considered cameras more than Toys. Remember to register with the Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority when you order one.


Still want a watch even though your phone has the time. You’re in luck as they are duty-free. But wait! If you want to be fancier and get a pocket watch, that will be 25%.


Yes, that’s right. Finish this article before you order some more bling. Not only is real jewelry duty-free, but costume jewelry is too!


Ladies, don’t shy away from picking up a new handbag while buying jewelry. They are duty-free as well!


Last on the list is perfume/cologne. We suppose you should smell good with your new bling…

There you have it. 10 items you didn’t know were duty-free in The Bahamas. Remember, although they are duty-free, you’ll still have to pay other costs such as VAT, so use the Estimators found on the duty rate page to get a better idea of how much your item will cost to import.