Importable helps you find duty rates and calculate import costs quickly and easily for The Bahamas. We have a growing list of pre-classified items, allowing you to search and find items in simple language along with related information such as tariff codes and environmental levies all in one place.

Importable isn’t affiliated with The Bahamas Customs Department however, the content is based on the Tariff Act and other government documents published by the Bahamas Customs Department. The source of truth for all duty rates is The Tariff Act.

Who Is Importable For?

Importable is primarily targeted to individuals and businesses operating in the import industry but makes limited information and tools available publically. Since The Bahamas imports just about everything and there is a growing number of individuals importing items through couriers, just about every resident of The Bahamas can benefit from using Importable.


In addition to the growing list of pre-classified items, Importable has calculators available to estimate import costs. The main calculators are the Alchohol Duty Calculator, Simple Duty Calcalcultor, and Import Calculator.

The Import Calculator is the most sophisticated and flexible. It allows you to calculate import costs to The Bahamas for a range of scenarios. It supports customs-only calculations in addition to customs and shipping calculations for a variety of couriers and freight forwarders.

When entering items to calculate, existing rates can be selected or any rate entered. It supports item quantities, proration of taxes, and multiple packages.

Visit the Import Calculator page to learn more.

Meet The Creator

Importable was created by Moses Pierre-Paul. Based in The Bahamas, he is an IT Professional with over 10 years of experience developing and supporting web-based systems, managing data, and creating content for small and large organizations. To learn more about his professional experience, visit his LinkedIn profile.

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